Pastor Staley

Hello.  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Mark Staley.  I'm the lead pastor at Calvary Baptist, and have served in this capacity since 2006.  My wife Nancy and I are also a part of COME International Baptist Missions.

  I grew up in rural Ohio attending Calvary Baptist Church of Ashland where I was saved at age 5 and subsequently baptized.  As a young boy I preached to the local neighbor children, holding "church" in the woods near my home.  Using a stump for a pulpit, I "pastored" the "Woodland Baptist Church", preaching every Tuesday and Friday for several summers.  Having surrendered my life to fulltime service when I was 13, and upon graduating high school, I became a student at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.  It was there that I met Nancy, who, in 1976 became my wife.  I then graduated from Piedmont Bible College located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

  My wife and I served 4 years with Baptist-Mid Missions as missionaries to Liberia, West Africa, before finishing my formal education in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Over the last 30 years, I've also had the privilege of pastoring several other churches too, both in the lead position, and as an associate working with youth and outreach.

  In 1989 we became associated with COME and through the years have ministered in scores of churches both in and out of the country.  We have spent a good bit of time in the Caribbean and in many Africa countries.  As a COME evangelist, I routinely host Vacation Bible Schools, and Revival Meetings, preach at camps and teach and preach in Pastor's Seminars and in Bible College.

  Since becoming pastor here (Calvary Baptist of Pontiac), God has continued to richly bless our ministry.  It's a joy to serve our Savior amongst such a wonderful group of people.  I wish to extend to you my personal invitation to worship with us here, and would consider it an honor to meet you.



                                                                      Pastor Mark